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Shimmer Harvest Pumpkin

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Dinair Airbrush Cosmetics Easy • Flawless Airbrush Coverage • Sets on contact without powder • Lasts all day without touch-ups • Can be applied in 5 minutes Low pressure • Dinair is airbrush applied • The pressure is very low and gentle. • The color is directed and accurate. • There is no errant spray, to require a hair band or hair protector. Faster • No touching or rubbing is needed. • Blends seamlessly, as it goes on. • Stencils - guide the color for a perfect Airbrows™ look. Sanitary • Does not clog sebaceous glands • Dropper dispensed - contamination free • Sanitary - no sponges and brushes Hold and cover • Long lasting on oily skin • Perspiration safe • Adheres securely to smooth or laser resurfaced skin • Camouflages bruises and tattoos .Silicone free