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Hydratant Moist & Dewy

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Facial Moisturizer Moist & Dewy For dry, oily or combination skin How to moisturize your face. Moist & Dewy is uniquely applied after the makeup is complete in a light gentle mist. 1 to 2 drops is usually enough. Moist & Dewy can also be misted on before makeup if you discover you need added moisture. A little goes a long way, so enjoy it. How to add a satin sheen to your makeup look. Moist & Dewy can be used to add a satin sheen appearance to our naturally matte makeup coverage. You can add as little or as much satin sheen as you want, and just where you want it. Lots of new possibilities to look great. Try a very light mist of our natural olive squalene, with or without makeup.