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Colair Xtreme 100 White

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Colair™ Xtreme Tattoo Coverage The fastest, most complete coverage for tattoos, birth marks, vitiligo, sun spots, scars, birth marks and more. Covers and blocks with one color application. No neutralizers, correctors, or concealers. Colair™ Xtreme is rub proof, water proof and lasts for 48+ hours. Coverage is smooth, fresh and flexible, with no flaking, fading, or cracking. Colair™ Xtreme and Radiance Spray over Xtreme with a light coverage of Colair™ Radiance for softer appearance. Colair™ Xtreme works great as a light primer for oily prone skin and can easily mix to match any skin tone. Apply Colair™ over primer. Facial Coverage Mix with Colair™ Radiance to increase camouflage quality of Radiance. Vary the blend of Xtreme and Radiance to match each need.